Manual with chain and shroud

The traditional manual corded system with upgraded safety feature.

-As of May 1, 2022, the Canadian government stated strings and chains are no longer allowed for residential application if within reachable distance. They must be housed within a shroud, with only 8” maximum exposed. This is to eliminate the risk of strangulation.

Continuous Cord

Classic window blind pull cords.

Manual Cordless

These cordless lift systems are designed to move smoothly with light pressure pulling down or up and will stay in place exactly where you let go.

Power with Remote Control

These units have a hardwired motor attached to each blind. One remote can operate up to 6 units within the same room. Also programmable to open or close to a preset position.

Rechargeable Motorized with Remote

With no hard-wiring necessary, these units house a rechargeable long-lasting battery to operate your blinds with a remote. These operate the same as hardwired allowing up to 6 units within the same room to be operated by one remote.

Power Wand

A streamlined design with buttons on the end to operate the motorized blind system. A perfect solution to have motorization without the worry of keeping track of a remote.


Shroud 1

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