Custom made in St Catharines ~ Professionally installed in your home

If you are looking for long lasting window coverings, shutters are an excellent choice. They are elegant and timeless including many benefits:

  • control the amount of light
  • provide privacy
  • easy to clean
  • add value to you home
  • energy efficient helping to control temperature
  • sturdy and long lasting
  • 3” or 4” louvres sizes
  • PVC or Wood/Faux wood constructions

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The shutters we fabricate in our shop are made of PVC which is impervious to water damage and thus work well in areas with high humidity and moisture exposure as they will not warp, crack, or rust. They are also very easy to clean. The smooth surface of the PVC is non-porous and repels tough stains. Even permanent marker is easily wiped off.

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