Drapery continues to be a popular choice for both traditional and modern homes today. With so many options in fabric colours, patterns, and textures, it is easy to create a look that compliments or contrasts any room in your home.

Everything from full luxurious drapes to delicate and elegant sheers, we fabricate all our draperies in house in St Catharines.

Modern innovations

  • motorized track options bringing drapery into the 21st century
  • new modern finishes and styles for rods and finials
  • mounting systems that do not interfere with the movement of the fabric

With manufacturers continually offering new fabrics based on current colour and style trends. Anything is possible!

Types of Pleats

Double Pinch Pleat
Triple Pinch Pleat
Triple Top Pinch Pleat
Reverse Pinch Pleat
Tulip Pleat

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