Cellular (Honeycomb)

Cellular or Honeycomb shades are a very popular choice of window covering for a few reasons. Out of every window covering they have the most insulating qualities due to the pockets of air in between they help keep warm air in and cold air out and the reverse in the summertime.

These blinds are more versatile than roller blinds as you have the option of incorporating two different fabrics, doubling their functionality.

For example, the top half could be a sheer fabric creating some privacy while allowing natural light to filter into the room. The bottom can be made of blackout material allowing you to darken the room as desired. These shades can be controlled allowing for only the top or bottom fabric to show or a combination of each.

Cordless and power options make these an excellent fit for any window within your home. Call us to book a free in-home consultation or stop in and discuss the options with one of our designers.

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