Bella Turf

Canada’s Leader in Artificial Grass

Outdoor living spaces are important. Create more usable areas with no mowing, no watering and no weeding!

Artificial grass has many applications and Bella Turf uses today’s most advanced technologies to make a variety of products designed with your needs in mind.

There are many options available whether you need something that will tolerate heavy foot traffic, pets and/or kids, shock padding for falls, putting greens, and much more. Bella Turf offers superior drainage to prevent standing water and is ideal for areas where natural grass is difficult to grow.


Enjoy the lawn you deserve without all the chores and upkeep! Choose from a variety of visually stunning, durable and low maintenance artificial grasses. Whether you want to have a clean sharp look to your space, add in a home putting green, or soft clean grass for around a pool, Bella Turf has the products to offer you the perfect solution.

Deck & Patio

Bella Turf can be installed on your deck or patio to enjoy the benefits of green space without owning a yard. It works well as a general floor covering and can be installed on top of wood or concrete along with the Turf Cloud foam underlay. Turn an average outdoor living space into something worth bragging about.


Bella Turf offers durable options for many indoor and outdoor play spaces and is designed to endure the harshest environments for safe and long-lasting enjoyment. When accompanied by Turf Cloud shock padding, it can meet the “Certified Fall Rating” for up to 12 feet.


Bella Turf is designed with pet safety in mind and is made from materials that are safe and cool for pets to play and relax on. Durability is also considered as this artificial grass will not be destroyed by pets trying to dig it up.

Pet waste can easily become a problem for natural grass as it is difficult to clean, can be burned by the acidity, and leaves unpleasant odours. With artificial grass, cleanup is easier and can provide a clean and hygienic environment for both you and your furry friends.

Gym & Sports

Bella Turf is excellent for use in fitness centres, training facilities, home gyms, and sports fields. It can help reduce slipping and also offers shock absorption for falls or dropping equipment.