Recliner chairs can be reclined to different positions to provide support to the upper and lower back. Reclining chairs are an essential piece of furniture for your living room whether reading a book, watching television or relaxing with your friends and family. They are stylish and add a fashionable look for the living room.

A recliner chair is unique in that someone can sit on it for hours without having any sort of discomfort. Apart from the general sitting comfort it offers, it can also be of benefit to pregnant women and people who have health conditions such as arthritis, varicose veins, or any sports injuries.

There are different styles and types of reclining chairs you will find in our store. Each one has its own unique and distinct features as well as reclining capabilities. You’ll find that manual chairs have few different reclining positions where those with power seem to have an infinite number. The most common types of recliner chairs for sale at our store include the following:

Rockers, Swivels & Gliders

Recliners have changed a lot over the years. Today there are many functional options including power vs manual motion, swivel chair that turn 360 degrees, and gliders allowing a smooth back and forth motion.

On top of this, most power recliners have multiple options available to customize them to your needs:

  • Motion headrest
  • Power lumbar support
  • Separate motion footrest
  • In seat heating
  • Battery packs for cordless operation
  • USB charging port

Power Lift Chairs

Power lift chairs feature a powered lifting mechanism that pushes the entire chair up from its base to assist the user safely to a standing position. In addition to lifting, these chairs can also go into a fully reclined position which is perfect for napping. Some models we carry have a dual motor function allowing the leg rest and seat back to be moved independently, this allows you to get into the perfect position to sit back and relax or sit with just your feet reclined

Wall Huggers

If you live in a small home or apartment, or if you have a room that is too small to fit a normal sized recliner, a wallhugger recliner is great way to get comfort and use the space efficiently. As the name suggests, these recliners hug the wall, only requiring 2-4 inches of space to fully recline, opposed to traditional recliners requiring 12-14 inches. Wallhuggers are available in manual or power options. The manual allows for a seated position and one reclined position, where the power option allows you to stop at the most comfortable angle for you.

Zero Gravity

A zero gravity recliner is designed to alleviate back pressure and relax the whole body. Nasa developed the zero gravity reclining technology as a means for astronauts to experience less force on their spines during takeoff. They found this formula could be adapted to benefit the general population and it is now available in the zero gravity recliner.


The chair reclines to an angle that places the legs and feet above the user’s heart. This position relieves tension in the muscles and spine and increases the body’s blood flow and blood pressure.


Like all recliners, the zero gravity chairs can be used in a stationary sitting position or reclined. A main difference is the back and footrest move independently, allowing a more customizable position to suit individual needs.


Whenever you sit upright, gravity puts pressure on your spine. To maintain your balance when standing, your body muscles contract and your discs are compressed. You can neutralize these effects by reclining fully, putting your legs above your heart removing the force of gravity and allowing your muscles to relax and discs to be restored.

When your spine is aligned properly, there is less pressure on your back when you sit or stand, a reduction in muscle tension. Using a zero gravity recliner allows your spine to position correctly, preventing an S-curve.


You can add one of these chairs to any room in which you like to unwind, including a living room, family room, or even the patio. Although a wallhugger version is not available, these chairs only need the same amount of room as any swivel glider would and when in the upright position, they look like a normal recliner.

Natuzzi Revive Chairs

Natuzzi, which is an Italian furniture company known for its high-quality leather furniture. Has come out with “The Natuzzi REVIVE Chair which some would say is the most comfortable chair in the world!

The term “Revive” suggests a focus on comfort and relaxation, indicating that these chairs may be designed with features to enhance the comfort and well-being of the user.

Key features of Natuzzi Revive Chairs may include:

  1. Reclining Mechanism: Natuzzi Revive Chairs are likely equipped with a reclining press back mechanism that allows users to adjust the chair to their preferred position, offering various levels of recline for relaxation.
  2. High-Quality Upholstery: Natuzzi is known for its use of premium leather in its upholstery. The Revive Chairs features high-quality leather or other luxurious materials, providing a sophisticated and stylish look. Available in 100% Leather or fabric.
  3. Contemporary Design: Sleek lines, clean shapes, and attention to detail. This modern chair ads real class and aesthetics to any room it is put in.
  4. Comfort Features: Natuzzi is likely to incorporate ergonomic considerations into the design of the Revive Chairs, aiming to provide optimal comfort and support.
  5. Customization Options: Natuzzi offers customization options for its furniture, allowing customers to choose from a range of upholstery colors, finishes, and other design elements to suit their preferences and interior decor.

The Natuzzi Revive Chairs are known for their contemporary design and ergonomic features, offering a combination of style and comfort. With over 300 moving parts and an “Intuitive Spine” that forms and moves with your body in any direction your body is going. Some refer to sitting on the NATUZZI REVIVE CHAIR is like Sitting on the most comfortable cloud. Its comfort level is on a whole other level and really is a “see/sit to believe!”