Power Recliner

When buying furniture for the house, especially the living room, you’re thinking of comfort and aesthetics. You wouldn’t want furniture that doesn’t look good and will only hurt everyone’s back when they sit on it for a long time. Thankfully, power recliners have been designed uniquely for a homeowner’s needs. These chairs are sturdy and aesthetically pleasing for the house.

Comfort Above All Else

A regular chair only has one function: to accommodate a person when sitting down. A reclining chair does the job of a regular chair–and adds a unique twist to it. It is equipped with a mechanism that allows you to change its position, whether you want to sit with your back straight or if you want to be more laid back. This kind of seating gives you the ability to recline the chair to find the most comfortable sitting position for you. If someone else must take a seat, they can adjust it to their own needs, making it a perfect choice for everyone, whether a family member or company.

The living room is where you entertain guests, so providing them comfortable seating anytime they come over will have them so happy they may not want to leave. Reclining chairs are the perfect addition to a new home, and they can easily replace your regular couches. With the mechanism turned off, they act as regular seats, so buying power recliners for sale is like buying two kinds of seating option–a regular one and a reclining one—two in the price of one.

Easy to Use

You don’t need to read a complicated manual to learn how to operate a reclining chair. Managing the chair is straightforward: there is one toggle switch button that helps you recline and decline it to the exact level you want. Lift chairs are also perfect for the elderly or those who have a hard time standing up. You’ll be thankful for that added assistance to help get out. Even if your not in the need of assistance getting up at of your chair, they are great because you can operate the footrest separately from the cushion back when reclining. So if you like you can sit upright in your regular position and just raise your feet up.

Movie nights will be more comfortable because your back won’t hurt from leaning forward too much or staying in one position for a long time. And if you get tired of one position? No problem. Simply adjust, and voila! You’re still comfortable in a new position.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The primary purpose of reclining chairs is to provide a more comfortable way to enjoy sitting down, but the recliners we have for sale are more than just that. They are also aesthetically pleasing, and you can choose from any fabric or material that goes well with your home’s design. For instance, leather recliners will give your living room a sophisticated look. Interiors By Better Shade always wants to supply your comfort first then style and our recliners do just that.

Colors will not be a problem, as well. Come talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members to get some ideas on how to create your ideal living room achieve, then look for the reclining chair that will accent your new comfortable living space. Rest assured, we have what you need.